We collaborate with your teams to create new products, services and businesses that deliver sustainable, impactful growth and help your business thrive.

When it comes to solving complex people-centred challenges, organisations, and brands of all sizes have come to us to:

1. Understand their customers and people they serve
2. Deliver strategy to solve complex challenges
3. Design, build and optimise products and services
4. Stand out from their competition
5. Upskill and develop capacity within their teams


“Stance’s design solutions have a lasting impact because the team truly understand the user’s behaviour and pain points.”

Peter Ellen, Unicity Ventures

We believe that the future of innovation lies in deepening our understanding of human behaviour. This means continually looking to explore how people are responding to the rapidly changing contexts around them. The environment, technology, lifestyles and expectations all influence peoples decisions.

Understanding and designing for behaviour is not easy, but it can provide incredible insight and value if done right. After all, it’s behaviour that disrupts markets, not technology. We are experts in understanding behaviour. Our multi-disciplinary team has experience working with clients globally across the private, public and third sector, from with early stage start-ups to political parties.

With competition consistently increasing across the marketplace, sustainable growth asks for a ideas built on solid foundations, not just on the intuition or opinion of a small group of people. Whether its in product, service or experience, behaviour-led innovation will lead the next ten years in the creative sector.



Stance Research

People and planet. Without these two things, none of us would have a business. We make sure that in 100% of our research, both people and planet are being considered.

From helping start ups looking to disrupt markets and engineering firms looking to bridge the gap between their expertise and their customers, our diverse team of researchers can help bring a new perspective to a problem or an opportunity and guide you forward with insight, clarity and direction.

Our researchers like to explore and understand;

  • Behavioural Research
  • Design Research: User, Product and Market
  • User Experience
  • Market & Competitor Analysis
  • User Testing & Validation

Stance Behaviour

We believe behaviour led innovation is going to shape the next 10 years of the creative industries. That means companies like fortune 500s are investing in behavioural science to deliver products, services and experiences that resonate with customers and stand out from their competition.

We’ve built our entire company around this belief. Behaviour change isn’t easy, and it’s potential is huge. Let us take you on a journey to deepen your understanding of human behaviour and unlock the potential to deliver impact and results for your customers and stakeholders.

Our behaviour expertise includes;

  • Behavioural Research & Insights Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Intervention Strategy & Design
  • Behavioural Communication & Marketing
  • Trial Strategy & Design
  • Behaviour Design Sprint for products & services

Stance Design

Stance has evolved over the years but our design roots run deep. Regardless of our individual specialisms we all consider ourselves to be designers. What does this mean? To us, it is valuing creative thought, striving for diversity, simplifying complexity, and embedding rigour in our method.

Our team have worked with organisations around the world to design products, services, brands and campaigns that deliver results and create growth.

Our design team can help you with;

  • Behavioural Design
  • Product & Service Design
  • UX & UI Design
  • Behavioural Experimentation & Prototyping
  • Brand Identity
  • Visual Communication
  • Motion & Interaction

Stance Strategy

Whether it’s for a short term product launch or long term business metrics, we help you identify, plan and achieve your strategic objectives and goals that are specific and measurable.

We help you matter and we help you make it matter. Our strategy team is here to help you connect with what people want and need, using our behavioural insight to develop a clear delivery strategy. From where you are now, to where you want to be, we’ll work together to create a plan of action on how you get there.

Our strategy team can help you with;

  • Futures Thinking
  • Behaviour Led Strategy
  • Pilot, Execution & Growth
  • Brand Strategy
  • Concept & Proposition Development

Stance Technology

From small early stage start ups to national political parties. We’ve designed, led and built the systems that their current and future customers use on a day-to-day basis.

From digital transformation to e-commerce, AI to multi-physics simulation, we work with a network of specialist advisors to augment our own expertise and give new perspectives in tackling any technological opportunities you might encounter.

Our technology team can help you with;

  • Behaviour Informed Technology
  • Persuasive Technology
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • E-commerce
  • AI & Machine Learning

Stance Training

Our team have delivered training across the UK, Europe, Africa, China and America in a range of creative practices.

If you need a team to help you develop the culture, skills and systems to make innovation repeatable and successful in your organisation, we can make that happen.

Our training team can help you build capacity in;

  • Behavioural Design
  • Innovation
  • Product & Service Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Customer Journey Mapping

“Stance quickly identified a strategy that encapsulates our offering. We were absolutely floored by the solution and potential for its execution.”

Rebecca Horton, Operations Director
Xi Engineering Consultants


Our team is focused on outcomes. We work to objectives that are specific and measurable. Our ambition is always to work with openness and transparency. Our methods are tried, tested and proven across industry and academia. We even teach what we do at renowned international design and business schools. We can integrate with different team structures and processes to deliver results effectively and at pace. Stance is built to be agile. Our network of specialist expertise from Fintech to Healthcare, Culture Change to Executive Coaching allows us to respond to, and give expert perspective on the most complex of challenges. This is why our clients return to work with us.