The Future of Stance


Stance has become a successful business working with a diverse range of clients nationally and internationally. We have created brands that resonate globally and designed digital products used by millions. It’s been a rewarding journey full of challenges. However, over the last year, we found ourselves searching for more meaning in our work; how our expertise can be of broader benefit. How we make this happen wasn’t immediately obvious, but after months of research, experiments and trials, it became increasingly clear that we could and should focus our business to be a force for good.

Moving forward into the next five years and beyond, Stance will continue to be a design company, but now with a focus on creating value for broader groups of stakeholders.

We are building a world-class design practise combining specialisms from behavioural insight, strategy, design and technology. We are on a mission to design a better future for everyone.


To support this mission we are committing to designing better ways of operating, approaching problems, producing solutions, and measuring value. We have created a stronger foundation on which to tackle some of the biggest challenges faced by society. To do this, our company has been designed to be more transparent and focused on creating value for all our stakeholders; our team, our suppliers, our community, as well as our clients, shareholders and society.

To better equip ourselves to help solve the increasingly complex challenges we face, we must deploy more sophisticated methods of gathering insight and developing strategy. We believe that if we’re to design a better future for anyone, we need to understand better the people for which we are designing. Leveraging the principles and research of Behavioural Sciences we can reveal the hidden reasoning for why people make choices. By better understanding what influences choice on a micro level, our strategy can be better informed to design at the macro level.



Every element of our business operations, from how we account for carbon expenditure to how we share commercial success with our team, has been reviewed, changed or a plan put in place to change over time. All with the intention of aligning with our purpose and supporting our mission. We will publish all our knowledge and talk about challenges along the way.


Everything we do is focused on trying to build a business that can bring value to increasingly more people. We’ve written governance and created frameworks to guide our operational decision making. These have been written into our articles of association.


To help our clients and partners solve complex challenges we have looked at how we approach and identify problems. This led us to adopt new methodologies to help us reframe problems and better understand human behaviour. This is one of the key areas where we are developing our capacity.

Broader Expertise

We are building a world-class design company purposed and skilled for the next generation of challenges. Solving those challenges needs diverse teams and broad collaboration. Our existing discipline teams are growing across insight, strategy, design and technology. 

Clients & Partners

We are focused on partnering with brands, organisations and individuals who are advancing solutions for challenging issues. As part of the commitment to being a business focused on positive change, we have created a policy to guide decision making on who we work and partner with. We have published our existing split of clients industries, noting conflicts, challenges and actions.


Investing time in projects that can benefit large groups of people is part of our remit. To facilitate that it is essential that we continue to build Stance to be a viable, sustainable and valuable enterprise. Our continued growth will enable us to invest more time in research and development of these projects, which in turn will only augment our abilities when working on client’s challenges.

We will launch two projects in 2020; a talk series and a Wiki containing all of collected resources.


We keep a public repository of our resources, which we will publish all frameworks, policies, research and reports over the next two months.

We would welcome any questions or thoughts. Please email us if you’d like to chat.