Stance is a design company purposed for the next generation of challenges.

We combine Behavioural Science with strategic design and technology, uncovering human insight to create communications, brands, experiences and digital products that build broader value and improve people’s lives.

As a business, we understand the influence we have amongst our peers, partners and clients. As designers, we have the power to concisely articulate complex or challenging information in a way that can resonate broadly, or create experiences that influence the action of individuals and groups. We believe this influence and power can and should be channelled to effect positive change in society, as well as growing viable, sustainable and valuable enterprises.

These commitments are defined over three pillars: operations, partnerships, investments.


We will review every element of our business operations to change, or put in place a plan to change over time, to better align with our vision and mission. We will publicly publish all our knowledge and share challenges as they present themselves.


  • Define governance to oversee decision making and impact measurement. This will be written into our articles of association.
  • Optimise the business to maintain low carbon emissions, creating a framework to guide operational decisions, and finding effective ways to account for our carbon expenditure.
  • Adopt methodologies and develop new processes that augment our own, better equipping us to tackle complex challenges. 
  • Continue to strive to make Stance an open, honest and diverse working environment.
  • Promote and enable good mental and physical health. 
  • Structure financial remuneration for staff to align with the company’s financial success. Everyone should share in the future growth they helped make happen.
  • Make public our processes, research, operations, revenue sources and governance.


We will partner with brands, organisations and individuals who are advancing solutions for challenging issues. They are people innovating with society in mind. Newly founded governance will guide our decision making on who we would work with, but a specific partnership policy will be created for more granular decision making.


  • Create a client partnership policy.
  • Publish a list of all revenue sources by client sector.


Solving big challenges needs diverse teams. We will build a network of specialist advisors from fields that support our work, such as sustainability, behavioural science, machine learning, data science and economics. This diverse knowledge and experience augment our own, giving us new perspectives on problems.


  • Continuously build relationships with specialists that support our vision.


Formed as a company board, these individuals will strategically advise on the growth of the company, as well as oversee governance to enable its commercial and societal value.


  • Appoint a non-executive director to help form governance, source and appoint board, as well as aid with legal structure.
  • Appoint chairperson.


We will invest our resources in projects that can benefit large groups of people, with a particular focus on projects that reduce waste, emissions and tackle climate change. To facilitate that it is essential that we continue to build Stance to be a viable, sustainable and valuable enterprise.


  • Design and launch a platform highlighting people innovating or advocating innovation that creates value for broad groups of people.
  • Publicly publish all sustainability knowledge we have accumulated and resources created as an easily accessible resource, with the aim of making it something that could be contributed to.

If you wish to be kept updated on our progress of meeting these commitments, then please add your email here. We will be published reports, policies and resources regularly.