We believe that if we’re to design a better future for anyone, we need to understand better the people for which we are designing.

We take an evidence-based approach to uncovering human insight. By combining the rigour of science with the creativity of design, we create interventions; communications, brands, experiences and digital products that reduce uncertainty and improve people’s lives.

“Stance’s design solutions have a lasting impact because the team truly understand the user’s behaviour and pain points.”

Peter Ellen, CEO, Unicity Ventures


We work in assembled groups from our team, our advisory board and partner network, alongside executives from clients. These groups are designed to include genuine expertise and diversity of experience to produce world-class design solutions. In some cases, clients require our leadership across all phases, and in others, we join active projects to deliver key components working with existing strategy. We find this broad stakeholder view is essential in creating a well-defined problem statement.

1. Discover

The foundation of any successful project is a combination of data and people. Through our audit process, we discover and map all existing data. Where appropriate we will commission additional research to give a fuller view. Collected data then informs an experience journey map, giving us a clear view of barriers. In parallel, we map key stakeholders to build a project taskforce.

2. Define

Once sufficient data is collected we analyse and model information to identify the key contextual themes, behavioural drivers and constraints. We define objectives and evaluate existing scientific insight, with a view to utilising behavioural design principles to inform our strategy. Depending on the project, we will carry out user trials to further inform our change hypothesis.

3. Design

We deploy the relevant approach to designing and testing the most appropriate output, be that communication, campaign, digital products, micro or macro experiences. This gives us real-world feedback – measured via a framework – before identifying the most effective output to scale. In this stage, the diverse experiences and expertise of working group members can significantly enhance the quality of the strategy.

4. Develop

With a measurable, proven change on a small scale – which helps mitigate risk – we can now create a growth and implementation strategy on a larger scale. This strategy will include feedback loops to ensure we can observe behaviour and understand satisfaction as we scale. This is essential as part of iteratively improving the project to achieve positive change on a large scale.

stance design studio

“Stance enabled us to go from pre-revenue ugly duckling to an award-winning, internationally recognised brand, synonymous with protecting the world’s most fragile artworks using sustainable technologies.”

Andrew Stramentov, CEO, ROKBOX



We generate actionable insight through our research and analysis methodologies that embrace behavioural science principles. By understanding behavioural tendencies and levers, we can design more robust and effective solutions.


Informed by human insight and a deep understanding of our stakeholders, we define and deliver measurable strategy for business, brand and experience.


From micro-interventions via interface and communication, to purposeful brands and immersive experiences, we design solutions that are viable, sustainable and desirable with the core aim of creating value for business and society.


We build, scale, optimise and integrate seamless digital solutions for experience, interaction and product.

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