Empowered with behavioural insight and a deep understanding of the sustainability challenges faced by business and our society, we find opportunities to innovate, as well as optimise existing, products, services, programmes and communications.

Through behavioural science methodologies, we analyse and define the behaviours required to overcome human-centred challenges. This provides a new lens through which to optimise existing products, services and businesses. This granular, action-orientated approach allows us to quickly improve effectiveness, enhance experience, and build value for key stakeholders.

By integrating behavioural insight into the human-centred design process, we can gain new perspective on big challenges, finding new opportunities to innovate towards more economically and environmentally sustainable businesses, as well as society as a whole.

Fundamentally, we believe that to design a better future for anyone, we need to understand better the people for which we are designing. To do that requires a deeper and broader view of the factors that influence people to act on their intention.

“Stance’s design solutions have a lasting impact because the team truly understand the user’s behaviour and pain points.”

Peter Ellen, CEO,
Unicity Ventures


Behavioural Design is a methodology to change human behaviour at scale predictably. It combines Behavioural Science — the fields of Psychology, Behavioural Economics and Neuroscience — with human-centred design and impact evaluation.

We design and measure for what will motivate people to take action. Regardless of the product or programme, brand or service, we are concerned with action-orientated outcomes.

By gaining a deeper understanding of the pressures that inhibit and promote behaviour, we can increase adoption, design towards habit, and reduce the short- and long-term innovation risk in human-centred challenges.

In our current time, action, then attitude, should be our order of priority.

“Stance enabled us to go from pre-revenue ugly duckling to an award-winning, internationally recognised product, synonymous with protecting the world’s most fragile artworks using sustainable technologies.”

Andrew Stramentov, CEO, ROKBOX
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