Case Studies
Launching the world's most sustainable art shipping solution
Helping ROKBOX close their market intention-action gap on sustainability


ROKBOX create the safest &
most sustainable shipping solutions


Even with an award-winning product and a growing urgency for sustainability and risk reduction in the art industry, ROKBOX were struggling to turn intention into action.


A lack of clarity of benefits, misaligned with market needs and not having the right tools to communicate was impeding the team’s progress. ROKBOX had some clear structural issues in their customer and sales methods, as well as some customer behavioural challenges. This combination was creating barriers to the outcomes their target customers were clearly telling them wanted to achieve, and that ROKBOX’s solution could help them achieve.



Working with the team at ROKBOX we helped shape their proposition, clarifying their key benefits in a way that resonated with the target customer.

We built a digital platform and designed new sales tools that have been iteratively improved based on continuous testing. An overall improved customer and sales experience have reduced barriers identified from our research.

“Stance enabled us to go from pre-revenue ugly duckling to an award-winning, internationally recognised brand, synonymous with protecting the worlds most fragile artworks using sustainable technologies.”



Our work has created an improved way of communicating ROKOX benefits and empowered their team to dramatically increase customer acquisition, as well as hone their market focus.

ROKBOX have successfully launched internationally and now call some of the largest institutions, galleries and logistics companies their customers. They continue to go from strength-to-strength having recently secured a new round of investment to continue their expansion and product development.


  • Market & Behavioural Research
  • Proposition Strategy
  • Digital Product Design & Build
  • Customer Experience