Case Studies
Accelerating the net zero transition of an international garment manufacturer
Identifying growth opportunities amongst sustainability and customer experience challenges

International garment manufacturer

Sourcing, making and distributing garments globally to major high-street and Internet brands.


Increased pressure from stakeholders to reduce carbon footprint, incoming regulation, supply chain complexity and market competition had moved from future risk to clear detriment to revenue and profit.

The company was losing business to smaller competitors who were leading on sustainable practices and customer experience. They had also noticed how the end customer behaviour was changing, which was impacting their direct customer sales.

After a lengthy engagement with a third party to assess and report on carbon emissions, they felt they lacked clarity. They wanted to find actions that not only mitigated risk and reduced emissions but could also improve efficiency and profitability — perhaps even uncovering new opportunities. 

In short, the company wanted to understand the opportunities to move towards its sustainability goals and get closer to their end customer.


Initially, Stance focused on one of the larger portfolio brands. We worked with the internal team to quickly set objectives to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and improve direct customers and end customers’ experience working with the client.

We designed a bespoke engagement to highlight and test opportunities that could be presented at the yearly company meeting. Over the course of a three-month engagement, we gathered insight from research with customers and stakeholders, identified themes and created a ranked list of opportunities to explore. Together with the client’s team, we developed opportunities that met objectives, and that could be quickly prototyped and tested with customers and stakeholders. A shortlist of ideas were prototyped and tested with customers and staff. Two concepts that were deemed successful and viably scalable were developed to the point of presentable propositions.

“Stance brought new life to our sustainability plans. In less than 6 months they helped us go from analysis that we were struggling to take action on, to propositions we could implement and grow ourselves. They changed the way we approach these challenges.”



User Research
Lean Proposition Design
Capacity Building
Behavioural Design
Communication Strategy & Design
Sustainability Analysis


The concepts were presented and well-received at the company event, later gaining approval and funding from the board to be developed.

The initiatives have now been expanded across three other brands. The internal team recently reported waste reductions, cost savings and carbon reductions in the logistics. Part of the deliverables was to help create a narrative to communicate the efforts, which now form part of the company’s sales communications. Since implementing, they have reported an increase in new customer acquisition compared to the last three years. That increase is estimated to create an additional 2.5-4m euros worth of revenue over the next two years. Thanks to customer feedback mechanism we help put in place, the company found that their new drive for sustainability and improved customer experience was the primary deciding factors for those new customers.

After the success of both ideas, which were focused on staff behaviour and end customer engagement, the company is now growing its internal sustainability team and giving them a more extensive remit across the organisation. The team are continuing to leverage the innovative methods we helped their team learn and employ.